Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter White

The temperature reading was negative 12 degrees Farenheit this morning in southern Maine, with nearly two feet of snow encasing the landscape. Not perfect running conditions for sure, but beautiful in its way. The ocean was steely blue and there wasn't much movement in the air. Everything was still.

Yesterday morning was a bit milder and I met a hardy group of runners in Cape Elizabeth to run the Mid-Winter Classic 10-mile course. In my last blog entry I mentioned registering for this race, which is now less than two weeks away. Yesterday was my first run over the course this season! Historically, I train there most of the winter but this winter has been very different - much lower mileage. My husband reminded me tonight, "You're not training for the Boston marathon." I do hope the run on race day is better than yesterday's debacle. Frozen eyelashes combined with sunscreen in my eye, and a frozen balaclava on my forehead like an icepack just resting there for the final four miles. Tough.

One thing I have been doing this winter is getting together with Nor'easter Run on Tuesday evenings for a workout. We run for about 45 minutes then do a light weight-training session at World's Gym in Portland. I love the instant gratification from lifting weights. All of a sudden body parts have muscle definition. It's so cool.

Still working on those resolutions to become better disciplined about going to the gym, running no matter the weather, getting consistently good sleep and nutrition, and thinking good thoughts. I can check off taking a yoga class and snowshoeing when possible, and working full time.

I guess it's a damn good thing I didn't get in to the Boston Marathon this year!