Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Season's Greetings

It's Christmas Eve and I am savoring the day: It started with the team at Peak Performance Multisport, joking, laughing, getting serious, and doing a really great job all day long with customers, many of whom were last minute shoppers and others who had the rare gift of free time to get their own needs met. I think we all were carrying our own anticipation about the pending holiday yet were fully committed to being there and doing a good job. It's a gift to work with a group of people who are passionate, committed, fun, and funny. We laugh a lot there in a day's work. Today customers bought Nordic skis, poles, boots, bindings, hats, gloves, bike trainers, running apparel, gift certificates, socks, etc. etc. It was fun and spirits were high, despite the rain. Yes, it rained in southern Maine today....
I realize I focus on the weather quite a bit. This is because I'm a runner who prefers to run outdoors. So, as I savor this day, I am also trying to make peace with this feeling I have in my body that is a direct result of not running since Sunday (three whole days of no running!) I'm sure many of you are familiar with this feeling. It's a feeling of being full; of being starved; of being over-sensitive and cranky; of wanting to go to bed; of thinking the pants don't fit; of wanting to stretch for hours; of wanting to do a million sit-ups; of never wanting to eat another thing; of wanting only to eat everything; of wishing you could just run. Needless to say, it's not a great feeling.
Despite this feeling, I'm glad I made the call I did on Sunday to cancel the running group and thankfully I didn't hear that anyone went out to Cape Elizabeth that morning. Paul T. and I went to the gym that afternoon and ran on treadmills while the storm continued. I thought about some of the athletes that seriously train on the treadmill, and I have no idea how they do it. Like Christine Clark from Anchorage Alaska, who trained for the 2000 Women's Olympic Marathon Trials on the treadmill! She won that race in 2:33. And closer to home, Emily LeVan did much of her training for the 2008 Olympic Trials in Boston on the treadmill. Emily blogged her training on her Two Trials web site last winter. It was very impressive. Personally, I am good for about four miles on a treadmill. That's it. Even with music or a televisin screen in front of me, I just can't stand it. I guess that tells me my running is about going places and changing my scenery, not just the biomechanics of running. I applaud those of who who have the focus and perseverance to get 'er done indoors. Kudos.
I know some folks ran in these extreme conditions over the past few days. Matt D. went out in two or three degree temps yesterday morning. He said his eye-lashes started to freeze. In the afternoon, I saw runners jumping snowbanks on Commercial Street in the Old Port in Portland. Frankly, I let myself get busy with holiday preparations, and of course there was a snow day (no school!) thrown in there. How is Santa supposed to get anything done let alone take a run?!
Speaking of Santa, it's late on Christmas Eve. While I continue to savor the aromas of squash soup, apple pie, and a new recipe - cornmeal and kale stuffing, I need to keep the evening moving and the spirit of Christmas alive. Ho ho ho.
Best wishes for a wonder-filled holiday.

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