Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Numbers, Such as Wave One

Hey, still no ice bath but consistent training and running without injury.

I realize that by not blogging I potentially lose any readers I might have thus far! I'm sorry for that, but communicating coherently through writing takes me time, and lately I find myself in an adjustment phase with a new job and ongoing rigorous training, and not much good 'thinking' time....

Today I logged on to the Boston Athletic Association's web site and retrieved my bib number for the big day - number 10,687. I like it. I like that I'm in Wave One, but I also really like the 687 aspect. My husband has a thing about numbers and it has rubbed off on me a bit. For example, at the gas pump, he'll wait until there is an odd or interesting numerical sequence before turning off the pump. Or at road races, he's the guy who insists on getting the perfect bib number. He's quirky that way - and, apparently, it's a bit catching. I notice numbers like 687.

Wave One. I guess this means the gun goes off at 10:00. Me and the elite men. Me and the elite men and 10,650 other runners. And the bummer is I'll never catch the elite women, as they head out at 9:32. Maybe Joanie will wait for me.

Sheri Piers, one of my favorite local runners, has number F26. Isn't that awesome? (I didn't find Joan Samuelson's name so I'm not sure if she is running it or not. Around Thanksgiving time last year she said she might...stealth runner that she is.)

This month I started working with a group of runners and walkers who plan to compete in the Portland Sea Dogs Mother's Day 5K on May 9th. What a great group of people. Most of them are raising funds for the Center for Grieving Children, an incredible organization, and many are beginners in the sport. I love their enthusiasm and willingness to try something new. Last week they experienced many 'firsts': first time running around the Back Cove of Portland, first time running consistently for so long, etc. It's great fun.

It's spring in New England, a.k.a. mud season. Enjoy the onset of warmer days and the promise of a budding landscape.

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