Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Continuous Improvement

Last evening I had the luxury of poring over the latest New England Runner magazine. I love this publication since it not only covers the local running scene and the rest of New England and New York, but it's done in a friendly and knowledgeable way. I'm often inspired if not motivated to act from reading it. Like one time while I was reading it I literally got up out of my chair and went to my computer to register for the twenty-mile race on Martha's Vineyard.

Last night I got motivated as well, but it was coming out of a more negative place. Looking at some recent results and the published accolades from 2008, I realized I have been performing at what I might call a sub-standard level. Competitive, certainly, but not noteworthy. I mean just look at all these other amazing runners! (I know I'm already in a bad place when I start comparing myself to others...)

So with this awareness of how I've been performing of late comes the moment of truth: What are you going to do about it? If you don't like it, change it. Or at least change how you think about it.

I have never been an elite runner, that is getting under 18 minutes in the 5K or 37 for the 10K, and it's not likely I'll start getting those times during the second half of my life. But I can improve my overall performance, that is my training, my race times, cross-training, strengthening, rest, and diet. There are lots of improvements I can make. Isn't that always true?

The Mid-Winter Classic 10-Miler is in three weeks. I've been doing the distance but not the speed. With any training program, you need to incorporate both. Today, I decided to meet up with a group run in Portland at noon and pick up my pace a bit, at least for a couple pace miles. Last year I ran a 1:08:45, 6:53's. Maybe I could do 6:48's this year. We'll see. First let's see what I can do today (cough cough).

Here's to continuous improvement. Thanks New England Runner!


paul2e said...


What is it, winter?
kaizen, shitsuke u think
today. run on Jeanne

Jeanne said...

Do you haiku?