Friday, January 23, 2009

Nor'Easter Run

Peak Performance Multisport in Portland, Maine has launched a new running club called Nor'Easter Run. The Club follows on the success of Peak's Team Nor’Easter, which was launched in the fall of 2007 to benefit the multisport community. Within a year, that Club grew to over 100 members. Alas, not all of us are triathletes and Peak recognizes that runners want to get in on the fun too!

Becoming part of a team or club has huge benefits, not only in discounted store merchandise and race entry fees, but for personal and social reasons. We all need to affiliate with others to varying degrees; in fact, some people prefer to run only by themselves as a meditative practice. But even the most introverted person can gain something from being a part of a group.

In 1991, I joined the Run to Win Ladies Team, coached by Brian "Ziggy" Gillespie. The team consisted of about 15 women, all at various points in their running careers. Some had never done a road race, had never run with others, had no idea what they were doing let alone what they were capable of doing; while others were elite racers in need of coaching. I still belong to that team except new this year, it'll be known as Nor'Easter Run.

After eighteen years I continue to value the affiliation with Brian and the team members. Men became part of the mix sometime during the 1990's, and the size of the team fluctuates from season to season depending on one's other commitments: personal life and work situations, physical health and motivation, and other time constraints. One thing I have learned from this experience is that a group such as this becomes a microcosm of life. Teammates get to know and care about each other; they help each other to improve as runners by putting their best effort forth during practice and races; and they simply share themselves with each other.

The coached group is only one aspect of Nor'Easter Run. The Club is for anyone interested in running, getting discounts at Peak Performance, attending social gatherings and other clinics, staying informed about group runs and other trainings. The coaching component is an additional option.

If you want to learn more about Team Nor'Easter and Nor'Easter Run, the monthly social is on Wednesday evening, February 4th, at 7:00 P.M. at Peak Performance Multisport, 317 Marginal Way in Portland. Also, in future blogs I'll inform you about upcoming Nor'Easter Run events.

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