Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time for Yard Work?

Muddy, matted, and brown grass is beginning to make an appearance here in southern Maine. Not in my yard, however. I dare say we still have nearly four feet of snow piled up behind our house. It's partly due to using the snow blower on the back patio, and simply its refusal to melt. I suppose it's understandable since the temps are still barely above freezing!

On my run around Pine Point today, I noticed several yards and sidewalks belonging to cottages along the road had been raked and swept, and piles of limbs, leaves, and dirt evidence of the effort. I actually look forward to finally being able to clear the tree carnage from our property, a result of the ice-storm we had back in mid-December. A couple trees split and tons of smaller branches came down everywhere (now under the snow.) It will be nice to get out from under this snow cover, though it's looking like it won't be until April at this point.

Speaking of a Sunday run, today a group met at Peak Performance for our weekly, open get-together. Folks ran varying distances, between five and 16 miles, and enjoyed a bit of camaraderie back at the shop. If you're interested in joining the group, please register at the link above. I plan to move the run to other starting places and routes for a change of scenery, and will communicate by e-mail. By registering, I'll have your e-mail and add it to the list. Also, any changes will be posted on the Peak Performance web site.

Think Spring! I hope you're running despite the weather, and saving the yard work for later.

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