Thursday, June 4, 2009

Remember The Real Deal

I've been moved by the recent Air France 447 tragedy.

I was driving along the other day listening to one of public radio's early reports about the people who were on the flight. A particularly poignant vignette described a French electrical parts company, that awarded its ten top salespeople and their spouses with an expense paid trip to Rio de Janeiro. They were aboard the plane which apparently malfunctioned and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean or exploded into pieces while still in the air above the ocean, on its return trip to Paris. The investigation is ongoing.

Ten employees from one company. Ten families celebrating their related achievements, on what could have been their dream trip. I'm reminded of Alanis Morissete's song "Ironic." But it's not ironic. It's real world, real life. This is how it goes. This is how it ends much of the time.

And it wasn't only these ten individuals and their partners; 228 families broken apart with the loss of one of theirs. Someone dear, someone special, the only one of that person. Gone for good with no adequate good-bye. This is how goes.

But do we fully appreciate this elemental truth? Do we really believe it? Do we live as if our time is precious?

I know I don't. I worry, I judge, I miss moments, I don't do my best, I forget it could be the last good-bye. But this is it. This is the real deal. I must not forget.

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