Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer's Almost Here

The empty yellow school buses lined the public parking area at Pine Point Beach in Scarborough today, after depositing groups of school-aged children to the beach for what was apparently a "beach day" field trip. Good for them.

I ran to the beach and hit it at the end near the jetty, as part of a five-mile loop from my home. The beach was the most crowded I've seen it in a while, and it was only 10:30 in the morning. The students were in groups - some walking along the beach with teachers or chaperones, collecting shells and whatnot, while others, in fact, no less than 40, bounced up and down valiantly in frigid water up to their waistlines, hands flapping in the air. Good for them. The scene really brought a smile to my face.

Summer running. Time to think sunscreen, hat, early morning runs, hydration, lots of tourist traffic, crowded beaches, the smell of fried food in the air, sweating, lots of races, festivals, longer runs, ice cream indulgences, minimal clothing, days off for family and friends, trips to Peaks Island, Bridgton Four on the Fourth, lots of races on the Fourth, parades, training for Beach to Beacon, weight loss, tanned skin, good fun, new friends, cold beer, healthy competition, surprises, camping, hiking and swimming respites, biking too. And so much more!

Remember running in December and January in preparation for the Mid-Winter Classic? Brr.

Enjoy this final week of Spring 2009, and let's hear it for Summer!!

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